I’ve had my eye on doing a swing like this since I saw this photo:
 What could be better than a swing a family could all sit on or one person can lay back and read on a lazy day. There are not many places where you can buy a swing like this and they usually sell for quite a bit. Even though we already had too much on our plate to complete before the open house we still made the swing a priority.  We’re pretty excited with how it turned out:
Caitlin had some custom pieces made for the swing making it super comfortable to hang out on.  However, we took off the pillows to show the details.
If you are at all interested in ordering a swing like this one, please post a comment or send us an email.  We are considering producing more of these if there’s a demand.  They would come in any of the following possible finishes: white, expresso, or pickled beach wood (show above).  Prices would start at $1600.

2 Responses to “Spring Lane Swing Day Bed”

  1. Kara Ford says:

    So, I totally have that swing as a favorite on my pinterest. I think I met you like a year ago at a bbq in someone’s back yard. We will be building in the next 6-12 months and I’m super interested in talking to you guys more. Hope to hear from you soon!

  2. barbara parker says:

    Are you still making these? We are adding on to a small summer house and would love one of these on our front porch!

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