Ok, I get it.  Vinyl fencing is super low maintenance.  And I realize there’s a time and a place for it.  I’ve even installed vinyl fence myself.  It’s kind of playing with legos, pretty fun.  That being said, I’ve seen a lot of cracked, blown over, yellowing vinyl fences just proving not everything is indestructible.  Because Utah is the largest consumer of vinyl fence product I knew doing an authentic wood fence would present challenges.

It started with the Arbor…

I found this picture.  It looked like something out of a dream. How cool would this be for the gate entrance to a house….so that’s exactly what we are going to do. I’m pretty excited. My goal is to blow guest’s minds before they walk onto the property.

I couldn’t have asked for a better set up.  They already have a 8′ tall looming hedge.  We just need to squeeze an arbor in there.

And then the fence.

One moment of inspiration came as I stepped out of the movie theater after watching HP7.2.  I was sad for two reasons. First, there’s something depressing about walking out of the theater in the daylight. You feel like you should’ve been doing something more productive and second, well, it was the last HP movie. It’s over folks.

Anyway, this fence caught my eye as we walked out. Just a random fence in a random location. I really liked it and I’d been trying to decide how best to design a fence for the Holladay job. This fence seemed almost Nantucket to me.

Here’s our mock-up. We went with spikes rather than pickets. I felt it gave it a more formal look as opposed to the country or suburban feel from the pickets.  I especially like my tinfoil finial. Do you know how hard it is to get a ball finial like this?  It took tons of online searching to find one let alone one for a decent price.  Vocabulary lesson: these ball finial are sometimes referred to as “nantucket ball finial” or “quaise ball finial”  There, now you will be lightyears ahead of me when I started searching for these.  Thank you, Google.

Inspiration and my rendering.

Clearly, we still have a lot of work left before August 6th.  But we are excited with how everything is coming together.  Be sure to come check it out!  RSVP HERE.  Just fyi, the rsvp is just so we have an idea of how many are showing up.  Don’t worry, we are too busy and too understaffed to spam you.  See you next week!!

2 Responses to “Friends don’t let friends use vinyl fence”

  1. JulieM says:

    Everything was just stunning about this house. I am wondering who did the landscaping; specifically the hardscape (circular brick patio). I loved it would love to get a bid in the future for my yard. I also loved the arbors and swing, which I think you built, right?

  2. Tiek Built Homes says:

    Actually, I designed hardscape as well as the arbor, swing, gates and fences. I spent a lot of time researching and then came across this unique cobblestone and knew it was exactly what we needed for this project. I’d be happy to consult on your project and help you with design and sources. Just shoot me an email! – Steve

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