It’s always exciting to look back at the before pictures when finishing up a project.  This Bountiful home had a great lot and a beautiful view but needly a complete overhaul. We called it a 7-layer burrito.  Layers DIY projects gone wrong.

Luckily, for the 8th layer, the homeowners chose to put a little more thought into the design.  And together we peeled back all the layers and gave it the style and real Craftsmen character this house (and family) deserved.  It will be exciting to see it in the summertime when the landscape greens up again.

We will post shots and details of each of the rooms but first some before and after shots.

Front door
Interior shots: Living Room Before
Living Room After
Kitchen Before
Bathroom Before
After shots taken by Meikel Reece.

6 Responses to “Bountiful Project – Before and After”

  1. Laura says:

    Can I ask you guys what color stain is on the hardwoods in the after shot? I am having trouble deciding and I like this color. Thanks – the home is beautiful, of course!

  2. Mary says:

    Hello! {LOVE} your work, I find myself ‘stalking’ your site quite often!

    Can I be a bother and ask what roof color this is? Appears to be Driftwood by Owens Corning? Also, I am thinking of doing Driftwood (unless you can suggest something better) with a gray body color for the house. Is that crazy?? Any recommendations for the gray?

    Thank you for showing such great photos of your work, it is truly amazing!


  3. Amanda says:

    What was the square footage before and after? Your designs remind me of home….

  4. adam says:

    what did a renovation like this cost? ballpark range?

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