• Get excited for all the pictures of this shoot (by Meikel Reece) next week.  Check out our last update here.

  • I have been excited to share these awesome befores and afters.  We have been total slackers for not getting these posted till now, hopefully it’s been worth the wait.  As mentioned in the sneak peak, our good friends bought this home in Daybreak with the “upgraded” trim details.  Let me tell you a little something, when a “track home” builder sells you on an “upgraded” trim package, it’s still going to be crap so just go with the basic package and really upgrade after it’s done.  It was so much fun really giving this house some much needed character.  It wasn’t too difficult as there is nothing architectual interesting about bull-nosed drywall corners and boring beige.  We fixed awkward openings, added trim details to openings and windows, added cans and scones, and a few other details.

    Check out these before and afters and let us know what you think..

    Before of entry door:

    Before of dining to family room: Notice the neat opening between spaces done with exciting drywall corners…bull-nosed.

    Before of back door and window system:

    Before of fireplace:  Now I realize homes sometimes need to meet a certain price point and therefore certain things need to be sacrificed, but c’mon is this really the best option for your main entertaining focal point?  Cheap slate tile with a mantle, if you can call it a mantle… it was more of a picture holder.  And that’s what is was doing when I got there.  The side cubbies where just begging for built-ins.  The original architect must have had that vision…it was just not quit carried out..

    Before of side openings:

    A few more after shots:
    All the amazing after shots taken by Meikel Reece.

  • Some great friends of our recently bought a house Daybreak with an amazing exterior, great floor plan for an incredible price but seriously lacked in trim details.  It was so much fun coming in just to do builtins, trims and a few other details.

    And here’s a sneak peak of the pictures to come from Meikel.

    Instagram by Meikel Reece.

  • We have the awesome privilege of remodeling a home of dear friends of ours.  It was this very house where Steve lived when we first meet and where he slept the night before we got married.  So it’s been very exciting to see the transformation of this house for such a great family.  Here are a few pictures of the project as we near the completion of this project.

    Kitchen Before:

    Kitchen after: (cabinets by Benjamin Blackwelder)

    Coffered ceilings:

    Entry door before:

    Front entry after:

    TThe grandkid play room:

    Living Room fireplace:

  • Although we’ve been huge slackers on our blog, we’ve been busy with some amazing projects and all of them have included some sweet trims and built-ins.  I could spend everyday just designing these final details of a home and be a happy camper.

    There is so much I could get into about the design that went into this house (from the design of the newel post, to the hidden door on the bench cubbies and the sweet arch trim work) and hopefully I will get to that by the time we get our professional shots.  But for now, here are a few iPhone shots.  (For future reference, this house will be referred to as Willow Dr.)

  • Paint color: Palladium Blue by Benjamin Moore
    White Subway tile in the shower.
    Countertop and shower shelves by MGS by Design.
    Photos by Meikel Reece.

  • We thought we’d post a few more pictures of this great kitchen.  Again, here’s the before..


    Paint: November Rain by Benjamin Moore
    Cabinetry by Benjamin Blackwelder.
    Countertops by MGS by Design.
    Photos by Meikel Reece.

  • It’s always exciting to look back at the before pictures when finishing up a project.  This Bountiful home had a great lot and a beautiful view but needly a complete overhaul. We called it a 7-layer burrito.  Layers DIY projects gone wrong.

    Luckily, for the 8th layer, the homeowners chose to put a little more thought into the design.  And together we peeled back all the layers and gave it the style and real Craftsmen character this house (and family) deserved.  It will be exciting to see it in the summertime when the landscape greens up again.

    We will post shots and details of each of the rooms but first some before and after shots.

    Front door
    Interior shots: Living Room Before
    Living Room After
    Kitchen Before
    Bathroom Before
    After shots taken by Meikel Reece.

  • A recent client of ours just moved into a new house where the builders offered several stock fireplace options.  They made a wise decision.. None of the above.

    So they came to us with their inspiration pictures and we came up with a few options based on those pictures.

    And just in time to hang their stockings with care, the fireplace was in.  

  • Our dear friend and amazing photographer, Meikel Reece, was on Studio 5 yesterday showing off her skills in commercial photography. It was also fun to see some of our projects flashing on screen.

    We certainly agree that having beautiful pictures of your product is 100% worth it.  However, I would argue that we might not ever be able to produce the crisp, bright and light and beautiful pictures that Meikel is able to do.  Having professional pictures of your product is truly the best thing you can do for your business.

    Anyway, great job, Meikel!  And sorry just had to post this picture of us being awesome. :)


    A very small sampling of the amazing pictures Meikel has taken for us.