• Here are some pictures of our Midway project that we finished last summer last summer.   Before we post the final pictures furnished by  Shea McGee of Studio McGee, here are some quick of the house just a week before the homeowners moved in.  I spent a lot of time and thought into the architectural details and floor plan to give it the “just right” feel so it was very exciting to see it come together in real life.

    Photos by the talented Meikel Reece.

    Cabinet and Trim Color throughout house: Simply White by Benjamin Moore

    Midway House Meikel Reece-5m

    Royal Navy by Benjamin MooreMidway House Meikel Reece-17m

    Wall Color: Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore

    Midway House Meikel Reece-2m Midway House Meikel Reece-4m

    Midway House Meikel Reece-93m

    Midway House Meikel Reece-90m

    Midway House Meikel Reece-96m

    Midway House Meikel Reece-37m Midway House Meikel Reece-58mWindow Pane by Sherwin WilliamsMidway House Meikel Reece-52mMidway House Meikel Reece-115m Midway House Meikel Reece-116m

    Midway House Meikel Reece-86Shingle color:  Intellectual Gray by Sherwin Williams


  • We are so excited to share Phase 4 of our good friends/neighbors/client’s project.  Check out Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3.  And it fun to find another great use for our old fence also used on the fireplace in Phase 2.

    Paint color: Healing Aloe by Benjamin Moore.

    TBH Meikel Reece

    Caldwell TBH Meikel Reece-7 700

    Caldwell TBH back

    Caldwell TBH Meikel Reece-20 700 Caldwell TBH Meikel Reece-22 700 Caldwell TBH Meikel Reece 700Photos by Meikel Reece.  Follow her on Instagram @meikelreecephoto.

  • Despite our huge lack of effort on our blog/website, all efforts have been going into two very exciting projects… our first official design + build, new construction projects!

    And there is going to be a lot more details to share in the next weeks as the houses come together.  Feel free to follow @stevetiek on Instagram for more frequent updates.

    Dutch Fields Project




    Draper Project


  • It’s been much too long for since we last posted so I thought I’d post this one of a project we finished a few months back.

    The transformation of this home was amazing!  It had small inefficient spaces and without adding square footage, we were able to create a space that is much more open and useful for their family.

    One of my favorite features.. the double doors on the left leading to the grandkids room.

    Photo by Meikel Reece.

    Kitchen Cabinets by Benjamin Blackwelder.

  • We are so excited to show off the after shots of a project we completed a few months ago in East SLC.  Of course, you’ve got to see the before to appreciate the after..

    Photos by Meikel Reece.
    Cabinetry by Benjamin Blackwelder.
    Marble by MGS by Design.

  • It has been much too long since our last update but that isn’t due to lack of awesome projects to post.  And I’ve been dying to post these incredible before and afters so I won’t wait…

    This was such an amazing transformation for such a great family.  Check out the rest of the pictures by Meikel Reece below and a few more on our Houzz account HERE.

    And to keep up with Steve and his projects more consistently you can follow him on Instagam @stevetiek.

    Remodel designed by Steve Tiek.
    Cabinetry crafted by Benjamin Blackwelder.
    Interior finishes by Cailtin Creer.
    Photos by Meikel Reece.

  • I think we are long overdue for an update on our own house.  And we’ve made a lot of progress since our months of dishes in the tub.   The kids were the best little helpers!

    First, our floors.  We went with white oak #2 grade that we took up the stairs and down the hallways.  We had the installer space the planks to give the floors an old look and feel and to really embrace what is already natural for wood to do (shrink and expand).  We also did a herringbone pattern in the entry which is my absolute favorite detail!

    And please forgive the terrible quality of pictures.

    Steve wanted to try something a little different to finish the floors by fuming them with Ammonia.   This naturally darkens the wood and is probably a more common practice with furniture and smaller areas.  And did we find our house is very inefficient with its old wood windows making it take about a week for the fumes to do their work.

    Finished product with a sealant mixed with gray and white.

    And then our marble.  Just the most incredible slab!  From MGS by Design.

    And our cabinets…

    See this post for our design shots and this post for the before pictures of our kitchen.   We clearly have a lot of finishes (tile backsplash, some hardware, base and case, light fixtures, and of course, paint) to complete. and Steve is just dying to get started on the trim work.

    And if I had to pick a favorite piece, it would be this one..

    But I could use some help deciding on hardware.  The blue tape just doesn’t cut it.

    Cabinets by Benjamin Blackwelder.  Designed by Ben, Steve and Allison. I helped. :)

  • We recently completed this beautiful home and can’t wait to share all the details!  Here are a few quick iPhone pictures and hopefully in a few weeks we’ll have all the shots to really do it justice.

    Architectural details: Steve Tiek
    Cabinets: Benjamin Blackwelder
    Granite: MGS by Design

  • … and Happy 5th Anniversary of Tiek Built Homes!!

  • This was another awesome project where we got to come in and do the fun stuff… arches, windows, ceilings, built-ins, benches, bookshelves, staircases, paneling, trims, lighting, etc.  And Caitlin came with some furnishing touches that really softens and completes the room.

    Photos by Meikel Reece.